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Hello, I'm Tracey Sands-Lorimer, the visionary behind Vaquita Apparel. A brand-new sportswear, leisurewear and corporate wear provider offering bespoke designs and tailor-made clothing solutions for your business and sports team. I'd love you to come on a journey with me as we help to grow your corporate and sports brand with our premium custom apparel.

Dark Ocean

My Story

After many successful years working in the family sportswear business, when the business was sold, I decided to take all my experience and knowledge of the apparel world and venture out independently. I created Vaquita Apparel.


My 10+ years in the apparel industry taught me so much about textiles, garment specifications, manufacturing and, above all, what is needed to ensure products are of the highest quality. Also, understanding trends and customer needs, paired with the appeal and style of clothing designs, is an unmatched combination. So, I built my new brand, Vaquita Apparel, around those values.


As a passionate marine conservationist, I realised that the brand would be influenced by my love for life in our rivers, seas, and oceans. Vaquita is the world's most endangered marine mammal. And the brand name needed to represent something I nurtured and cared for in my personal and work life.

My Journey

I'm a passionate believer in quality. And with Vaquita, I always wanted to offer apparel with focused quality characteristics and tailor-made design. Something that sat above what you'd expect from many other apparel brands.


Being around the family sportswear business for so many years and attending meetings at various blue-chip companies, I noticed a trend with corporate businesses heading to work dressed more casually, with companies aiming for a more dress-down casual style without losing any of the company's identity, vision or values. I saw a connection and a perfect fit between supplying sports leisurewear and team wear alongside corporate wear. Vaquita offers a full complement of apparel.


Wearing Vaquita quality apparel will inspire and focus your team's ambition and synergy on and off the pitch.


One of the values I also brought with me from my years at the family business was a calm and professional approach to customer service. At Vaquita, we want to continue this tradition. With no heavy upselling or pushy sales, it is always about developing flourishing relationships between the businesses we partner with. So along each stage of the journey with us, you feel confident with our processes, communication, and, of course, the finished product.

Image by Jan Huber

The Future

I love to be ambitious and set myself goals. With that in mind, I aim to develop Vaquita Apparel into a leading brand. Plus, with increased resources and expansion, and as a member of the marine conversation institute, it's essential to me that Vaquita leads the way in using more sustainable methods and materials so that our carbon footprint is reduced without losing any of the quality in our garments. That's the journey I want Vaquita Apparel to make.


From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow.

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